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Welcome to Anna’s site. Anna has spent much of her life looking for ways to help horses to understand and feel good about their work with humans. With the information and experience she has  gained over years, Anna works full time training horses and teaching throughout Devon.


This includes schooling and rehabilitation alongside veterinarians; backing young horses and ponies, spending time exposing them to good experiences right from the start of their life under saddle; working with horses that have developed troubled behaviour, helping them to change the way they are feeling, which in turn alters their response.


Anna travels to your facility to train your equine or teach you and your equine together. She focuses on the individual needs of each horse and rider, taking the time to patiently explain and demonstrate, knowing the importance of riders understanding 'why' and 'how'. It is important to Anna to help horse and human work together in a more willing partnership.


Contact Anna by email, phone or Facebook if you would like to discuss how she can help you with your horse.

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