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Whether your horse is recovering from an injury, surgery or condition like kissing spines Anna will work alongside your Vet and chosen body worker finding a plan to suit your horse.


Rehabilitation is a very time consuming task which needs suitable facilities in order for a horse to successfully return to health. With this in mind Anna will work with you at your facility or advise you on a suitable location if necessary.

Services - Rehabilitation alongside your Veterinarian

Below is a four year old TB X ID mare. The photos show when she was diagnosed with inherited kissing spines of 6 vertebrea and then after 3 months of rehabilitation by Anna. Notice how she is standing better, her neck has changed shape and the muscles along her top line have developed to support her spinal processes.

At the age of 12 the Welsh Cob below had been retired for 2 years. Photo one shows the last day of his retirement and photo 2 shows him after 6 weeks of in hand work and short sessions of ridden work by Anna. Apart form loosing weight, notice how his back has lifted significantly where the rider will sit and his quarters have developed.

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