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Online Video Lessons

Get in contact and book your video consultation time into my diary. This is how it works; via google drive, WhatsApp or any fancy way possible send me either one continuous video or short video clips for different subjects or different horses.


- 1/2 hour phone consultation £15 using a maximum of 5 minutes video footage.

- 1 hour phone consultation £30 using maximum of 10 minutes video footage.


Why my video consultations help


I have discovered it to be a very effective way of learning. Groundwork sessions are just as beneficial as ridden. We set aside a call in time when we both have your video footage in front of us. As we watch the video simultaneously, pausing at moments of learning opportunity, it’s a fantastic way to become more aware about how your approach effects the horse’s response. Often during a lesson there is so much information for clients to absorb, plus with a feeling of trying to do the right thing, it’s sometimes impossible to hear the very thing you need to learn. These video consultations give you an opportunity to sit back and learn things you hadn’t previously been aware of.


Here, one of my clients Camilla Church wanted to say a few words about her experience. “I have done three video consultations with Anna, watching a video together allows second by second analysis and advice, while taking notes to record important points. Each time has been SO insightful and effective. I can also look back over previous videos and see the changes I’ve achieved. I couldn’t recommend it more.”

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