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Services - One-to-one Lessons

Helping you to improve your horse in handling, ground work like long-reining, schooling, hacking, dressage, jumping and problem solving for you


Anna has built up a reputation for helping in a variety of equestrian disciplines. Lessons comprise of taking the time to consider the way we approach situations with our horses. Anna aims to help you work with your horse or pony’s attention, preserving their willingness, thereby working towards maintaining a horse that is simultaneously responsive and relaxed in their work. Anna prioritises the need to help a horse develop a relaxed yet strong and correct posture, so that no matter what your chosen discipline your horse will be happier mentally and physically for years to come.


"It's not what we do but the way that we do it that has such a huge impact on the horse. My main goal as a trainer is to create content and healthy horses alongside happy owners". Anna Bonnage.

Do you want to improve your riding?

Anna takes the time to explain how subtle changes in the rider influences a horse's response. People who have ridden for years say that through lessons with Anna they have gained a greater insight into the correct way a horse should move and how small changes in their posture, balance and aids influence the horse for better or worse. Riders report that lessons give them a more secure seat, an understanding of how to work with the biomechanics of a horse and ultimately improved results.

Have you ever lost your nerve around horses or when riding?

Anna also works alongside people who wish to regain their confidence, providing a relaxed and fun learning environment, her patient teaching style greatly benefits both the human and the horse. You will learn how to read and respond to the horse’s behaviour. By developing leadership qualities, establishing consistent boundaries and learning how to reassure your horse, your skills and confidence will  grow as you see how you are making a difference.

Anna offers one-to-one tuition on your horse and will travel out to your facility.


+44(0)7472 136425

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