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Anna started riding at the age of 4, was lucky enough to have her own ponies and was a keen Pony Club participant.


At the age of 16 Anna began working for Jenny Loriston-Clarke at her International Dressage yard where she began her training as a BHS Riding Instructor. This led to work in a variety of yards, from hunting to eventing.


One of these yards was owned by Tom Barnes who, earlier in his career, had competed in the Olympic Show Jumping Team. Tom impressed Anna with his way of working with horses. Tom somehow communicated with the horses, which resulted in a greater understanding between the horse and rider. Her interest in developing a way of working with horses that involved the horse as a willing participant had been sparked. Anna went on to discover Tom and Bill Dorrance – both well known for working with horses in a way that felt good to the horse. She has also spent time at the Farm of Jo Wolter working under his instruction. Anna was further influenced by Tom and Sarah Widdicombe, Qualified Intelligent Horsemanship Trainers, who ran Clinics in the UK for Mark Rashid. Anna worked with them training and backing young horses.


Her quest for greater knowledge led to her to visit the farm of Harry Whitney in Arizona in 2003. Harry knew Tom Dorrance, and is a remarkable horseman in his own right. Since that first visit Anna visited Harry every year for extended periods as his student on seventeen occasions. This experience has given Anna greater insight into his way of training, benefitting the horse as well as the rider. Her approach involves skills that she brought back to the UK which few people in England use.

Anna continues to be fascinated by this way of working, adjusting her way of presenting to suit each situation, to develop a better understanding and more importantly, to help the horse feel good about their job. This approach helps people discover how to handle and ride their horses safely and effectively.


The learning process never ends for Anna as she enjoys working with horses and their owners and each new situation keeps her thinking, learning and developing.


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